Mission Vision and Non-Negotiable Values

Question 1. What is your vision to reach People with Disabilities for God?

1.  Create awareness of the need to include people with intellectual disabilities into the church family.

2.  Make contacts in every Bible College with the possibility of getting into classrooms and speak face to face with students seeking God’s will for their ministry and share with them the opportunities and needs for full time ministers of all kinds in the disability culture.

Ministry to people with disabilities needs to include pastors, social workers, CNA’s, therapists, faith based group home owners, managers, staff and counselors.

3.  Begin and facilitate Friend 2 Friend chapels for people with disabilities. The pastor will facilitate people with disabilities leading all the ministries of each service using their God given ministry gifts.

4.  Visit group homes on a regular basis to build relationships with residents,  staff and management.  Invite them to our faith based Friend 2 Friend chapel, summer camp for people with disabilities and other special events.

 Question 2. How many years have you been in the field? 

We have been ministering to People with Disabilities since 1983 and were appointed as US Assemblies of God Home Missionaries in 2006.

Question 3. What are the some of most important things you are doing toward fulfilling your vision?

1.  Continually sharing our vision and passion for seeing people with disabilities fully engaged in church ministries in as many churches across the USA that will provide opportunities, share at District Councils, camps, and seminars.

2.  Being faithful to God’s call on our lives on a daily basis.

Question 4. What is one of the greatest needs for people with disabilities?

Because many people with intellectual disabilities cannot read, we dreamed of producing a CD with songs and ten Scriptural Vignettes.  As they listen to the music they will also hear guidance from Scripture.

Our first CD, Knowing God Through Word and Song, with seven songs and narrated scriptures is available to order through our email, larry@larryandcarolyn.com for $5.00 plus shipping.

Non-Negotiable Values

Mission Statement as Missionaries to People with Disabilities we believe that:

  • Every person has the right to a presentation of the Gospel at their level of understanding.
  • Every person needs a biblical moral compass to guide and protect them        throughout life.
  • Every believer has unique gifts to be discovered, developed, and used to         strengthen the Church.
  • Every believer has a purpose in advancing the global mission of Christ and the Church.